exclamation, prefix, 'sentence enhancer'.
'oh sees!'
'what the sees?'
'shes being such a sees!'
'friggin sees.'
prefix ex.) seesbox, seestard, seestron, sees and desist, search and seeser.
by Sarah and Timothy. September 01, 2008
Arabic word meaning sissy or a wimp or a batty boy. Not necessarily rude but is quite derogatory.
Helal is the definition and example of sees.
by achie June 16, 2008
An expression used when one person has proven what he/she has said before to be true.
Guy 1: Hey
Guy 2: Hey
Guy 1: You should come by my house later, we could watch the game on my new 72" plasma.
Guy 2: You liar. There is no way you have a plasma that big.
Later, Guy 1 takes Guy 2 home, and Guy 1 Displays his 72"plasma
Guy 1: See?
by separatedbyhowlittleiknow November 04, 2009
a word people used at the end of sentences in the 1920s-1950s
He aint never comin back, see.
We'll sneak in through the back door, see. Then will get the security guards.

just watch some old movies and youll know what im talkin about
by Oldiesguy1 November 29, 2010
it's an egyptian slang used to describe one of the following :

1 - emos
2 - mateela (egyptians who listen to a7x and slipknot and think they're metal know-it-alls. please not difference berween them and metalheads)
3 - mom's and pap's kids
4 - douchebags who think they're romeos and donjuan's
Girl 1 : did you see him today?
Girl 2 : he looked so sees
by iknowwhatrocks January 10, 2010
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