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Northern Irish females between the ages of 13-19, usually dressed in tracksuits, dripping with fake gold jewellery, with tons of orange make up covering severe acne, fond of blue WKD, ecstasy and casual sex with whoever is nearby at the time. Foul mouthed and usually found outside the post office on a monday morning with grubby child in broken pram. Aggressive when riled and will think nothing of threatening people with paramilitary organisations.
I was walking home when these two millies started shouting "Hey wee lad, will you see my mate"
by Bedhead August 24, 2003
Northern Irish term meaning snog, or generally to get off with.

"Will you see me tonight"
by Bedhead August 24, 2003
The act of showing off yourself or something of yours to get attention and props.

See showboating or grandstanding
"Robbie likes to trot out with every new slang word he reads on Urban Dictionary."
by Bedhead May 05, 2006

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