A virtual world in which a desperately lonely person can adopt an alter ego and live out an utterly pointless existence every bit as mundane as their non-virtual life. The "noughties" version of Dungeons and Dragons but without the trolls and orcs. A baffling and ultimately sad indictment of how people interact today.
Having failed to get a "first" life I think I'll try and make friends in Second Life. (Crushing disappointment follows)
by zippy_uk October 12, 2006
Reference to a program in which one lives out a sort of second life building what they want, chatting with who they want, scripting their builds to do what they want.
I love my Second Life!
by Derek Jones March 01, 2004
A 3D virtual world that is free to play, but most people end up in debt because they spend all their real cash to buy fake money (Lindens) Everything is expensive, especially the virtual land which everyone seems to have to have.

Most players are lonely, socially unskilled people who lock themselves in their rooms for most of their free time while they play in sex sims and have cybersex with other avatars (or their own alts if they are desperate)

You can be anything in second life and hence why it is so addictive. Many players give up on reality completely because they prefer their virtual world.
John's girlfriend "Why are you dumping me? For a second life virtual girlfriend?

John "Yeah I can't handle reality anymore, I prefer second life."
by Daddieslilgirl October 29, 2010
A very, VERY addicting online game created by Linden Labs. its just basically real life, but you fly, build items, and pretty much do anything imaginable.
Shawn: hey man, wanna go outside and skateboard?

Me: na, im already doing that in Second life.
by Jonny Shadow August 07, 2008
Second life is the landfill of the world wide web. A place to go when you want to act out a life that would otherwise get you locked up, killed or possibly leave with one if not many deadly infections. The one positive or useful feature on the website that is the fact that if you are looking for a murderer or child rapist and have the resources to monitor second life for a single 72 hour period then you are almost guaranteed to find them them there.
Did you see the news last night about the cops catching a murderer on second life?. They also found a pedo two lost goats and a guy wanted for raping a horse too.
by saharadryhumor January 19, 2015
A place where noobs can become the coolest kids in another world. They are un-seen by other people and can be considered cool. Until they get on voice that is.
"Dude, I just got beat up again."
"Yeah, I got put into the dumpster. Lets go play second life!"
"Okay! We can be cool there."
by Unknown :0 February 24, 2009
The key and final element to the prophecies of the end of the world.

Following the arrival on earth of the Antichrist, an evil political, military leader (The election of George W. Bush) came the Tribulation, a seven year interval of great suffering and death (The war in Iraq). Undoubtedly connected to this chain of events came the horrendous natural disasters of Hurricane Katrina and the breaking of the levees of New Orleans in 2005 and the winter storm of 2006. Now we sit on the horizon of the The war of Armageddon - a massive battle in Israel as Ahmadinejad sets his sights on the elimination of the state of Israel.

As it has been foretold, it is happening now!!!!

Nerds have begun to escape this world. This sick, sad, and pathetic world of confusion, hate, and turmoil. They have found their sanctuary online, in cyber-space; the cyber-gate to HEAVEN! Together, they build and prepare the New World for the second coming of Jesus Christ as He would want it. Full of trannies, casinos, fat people talking dirty to eachother, and everybody flying around being gay. The second coming of Christ marks The Rapture - where Nerds who have been born again will rise into the sky towards Jesus.

Sign up while you still can... OR BE DAMNED!!!!!!!!!!
Normal Person: Hey... look Dave... I'm only telling you this because I'm concerned for you. I think you need to quit the Second Life and pay a little more attention to your wife and kids. She told me in confidence that she's thinking about leaving you...


Normal Person: Dude... Get some help. Please.
by JimChach November 15, 2007

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