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Acronym. MMFWCL breaks down and stands for: Much Mother-Fucking Wicked Clown Love. A very common graffiti tag for juveniles lacking enough education to have creativity.
Police Officer: Young lady, what does "MMFWCL" stand for?

Juvenile: Um... "Much Mother-Fucking Wicked Clown Love"... sir...

Police Officer: Are you aware that by writing that on public property you have committed malicious mischief in the 3rd degree and could be elligible for an additional charge of retardation in the 1st degree?

Juvenile: No sir...

Police Officer: Retard, you have the right to remain silent...
by JimChach April 24, 2008
n. A food consumption pattern lazy people take up in the place of regular exercise in order to lose weight.
Atkins, Jenny Craig, High Carbs, Low Carbs, All Protein, No Protein, No Red Meat, No Starch, No Sugar, etc.

Steve: Hey want to go eat some food?
Janet: No thanks, I'm on a diet.
by JimChach March 15, 2004
n. An internet toughguy is a person on the internet who acts badass, macho, and tough but in real life is most likely a huge pussy. Internet toughguys usually don't like to be called "fag" for no reason, and can't stand it when people don't play their video games by the rules. Internet toughguys are always hitting on internet girlfriends, and are easily provoked to screaming into their internet microphones whenever they're pissed off. The only way to defeat an internet toughguy is to expose his secret toughguy identity and agree with everything he says.
internet toughguy: "I'm gonna find out where you live and kill you you faggot!"

internet coolguy: "Whoaaaa, look out everybody... we've got an internet toughguy here!"

internet toughguy: "...okay look, all I was trying to do was capture the flag, why'd you kill me and call me a fag?"

internet coolguy: "You're right man, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings and wasn't sensitive to your needs."

by JimChach January 23, 2006
YMCA - Noun

The only place in the world where it's okay for an old man to approach you naked in a public area for absolutely no reason, and engage in extremely unnecessary conversation about nothing while you dress and/or undress.
-- Normal Life --

Mike - God damnit.
Steve - What's wrong Mike?
Mike - I was in this restaurant the other day and this naked old guy came up to me and asked me what I thought about the new plasma TV they put up in the bar...
Steve - Oh my God. Did you kick his ass and then stab him in the eye with a pen?
Mike - Yeah. I broke his nose.

-- Normal Life @ the YMCA --

Mike - God damnit.
Steve - What's wrong Mike?
Mike - I was at the YMCA the other day and this naked old guy came up to me and asked me what I thought about the new plasma TV they put up in the weight room...
Steve - Yeah... I wish it was in with the treadmills...
Mike - Yeah seriously...
by JimChach January 06, 2008
n. An internet coolguy is often annoying and extremely disrespectful on the internet, but hilarious. Internet coolguys don't play by the rules, piss off internet toughguys, and use the internet for one thing and one thing only: to make other people feel worse about themselves. The internet coolguy will ask you questions about your personal life in order to feel out how important the internet is to you. Upon discovering significant importance, the internet coolguy will proceed to call you derogatory and hateful names until you either cry, get mad, fight back, or report them. The only way to defeat an internet coolguy is to either ignore him (no matter how difficult) or come to realize just how funny he actually is.
internet victim: "I'm on the phone with xBox support right now reporting your gamertag."

internet coolguy: "You think I care? Do you have any idea how many people have reported me? Tell ya what, call the person on the phone a fag too for me. And then tell them how much of a pussy you are for being a little tattle-tale."
by JimChach January 23, 2006
n. A girl on the internet. Internet girlfriends usually have inflated egos because many guys hit on them (over the internet). Internet girlfriends are fat, ugly, smelly, have nappy hair, knobby knees, bruises, and are usually missing some teeth. Internet girlfriends usually hang around internet toughguys, so watch out, if you make fun of them... you might get called a "fag".
internet coolguy: "Oh yeah? Prove you're hot."

internet girlfriend: "Fine. Go to __(gamer picture website)__ and look up __(gamer tag)__."

internet coolguy: "Okay bitch. You wait right here."

(time passes)

internet coolguy: "(group laughing in background) Oh my God, yeah you're totally hot..."

internet toughguy: "You didn't even check you FAG!"
by JimChach January 23, 2006
Internet Crybaby - A person who disagrees with something they see, read, or stumble upon while browsing the internet. Upon feeling this disagreement, internet crybabies typically express that disagreement under their online alias by using their keyboard when they otherwise would not have expressed such distaste in person. Internet Crybabies typically forget what they were crying abount after a month or two have passed as this is their nature. When pressed further to give sufficient evidence for their opinions, Internet Crybabies typically resort to cliche and meaningless statements to divert your attack. Though Internet Crybabies raise valid points with their html, the delivery of those points often show that they have no idea what they're talking about. Internet crybabies can be found in forums, Blogs, online journals, and friendship networking sites.
"Have you read Steve69's latest Blog on Bush's plan to remove Social Security?"

"Yeah, he's an internet crybaby."
by jimchach February 06, 2005
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