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A 3D virtual world that is free to play, but most people end up in debt because they spend all their real cash to buy fake money (Lindens) Everything is expensive, especially the virtual land which everyone seems to have to have.

Most players are lonely, socially unskilled people who lock themselves in their rooms for most of their free time while they play in sex sims and have cybersex with other avatars (or their own alts if they are desperate)

You can be anything in second life and hence why it is so addictive. Many players give up on reality completely because they prefer their virtual world.
John's girlfriend "Why are you dumping me? For a second life virtual girlfriend?

John "Yeah I can't handle reality anymore, I prefer second life."
by Daddieslilgirl October 29, 2010
A man (usually) who has little self respect or self esteem and in desperation fucks sluts just to get some. This man can also be an all time loser and therefore cannot get a decent woman and has to fall back on sluts and hookers just to give his hand a rest.
John "Oh wow a slut, I will get laid they never turn anyone down!"

Slut-"Oh fuck another god damn slut banger loser, why do I feel sorry for these guys?"
by Daddieslilgirl November 04, 2010

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