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One step up of First Base, heavy petting and feeling up while making out, up the shirt or shirtless for both partners.
"I went though I went to Second Base with him on our first month anni, but it was actually third beacuse I gave him a handjob as well"
by Little Blue Patakha January 16, 2003
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In non perverted terms, the base diagonal from home plate in baseball.
He just ran past second base, and is quickly headed for third.
by Mido-chan June 05, 2007
highly debated base when talking about sexual accomplishments, all that needs to be done is to clarify what "league" youre "playing" in.

second base in minor league baseball is feeling a girl up.

second base in *major* league baseball is fingering or handjob.

Major league- 1st base makeout with feeling up; 2nd handjob/fingering; 3rd blowjob/ eating out; home sex

minors- 1st base makeout; 2nd feeling up (breasts); 3rd oral/fingering/handjob; home sex

"oh my god becky, last night, james and i went to second base!"
"major or minor league?"
"major baby!"
"oh wowww"
by gabiegh December 27, 2007
1) The second of four bases (including home plate) in the game of baseball.
2) Many argue the status of this base in terms of sexual engagement. Some believe it is intense feeling, while others believe it is a handjob/ fingering. Take your pick.
1) Johnson reached second after pounding a double up the middle. He gave a two finger salute to the crowd, acknowledging his 300th hit.
2) Johnson reached second with his two finger salute pounding up the middle.
by MastePlan May 17, 2004
In the standard system of baseball/sexual metaphor (see first base, second base, home run), fondling the breasts and/or buttocks of one's partner.
I would have reached second base if his parents hadn't walked in.
by Pink January 30, 2004
the bases:
1st- making out, snogging, french kissing
2nd- fingering/handjob
3rd- licking out/blow job
4th- full sex
(Mum overhears John talking about the day before)
John: Blah blah blah second base blah
Friend: hahahahaha (laughs for no reason)
Mum(interrupting): is that good, dear?
by Semigoth_anarchist August 27, 2005
either oral or manual stimulation of a partner's breast/nipple. can occur over or under shirt/bra and without shirts altogether.

first or second base can be achieved concurrently with dry humping. considered third base when oral or manual stimulation occurs to genitals.
"despite the fact he made me wet by running his thumbs across my nipples through my shirt, we still argued about whether he had officially gotten to second base the next day."
by dc December 04, 2003
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