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4 definitions by SMX

1. shit, natural result of eating something
2. really bad situation
3. very bad rude unkind and shitty man-real asshole
4. something strange, unknown
1. Yesterday I was walking down the street and stepped in a pile of govno (shit) - Vchera guljal po ulice i vljapalsja v govno
2. It's half past ten and I haven't finish my work - that's govno! (shit) Ept', uje pol odinnadcatogo, a rabotu ja tak i ne sdelal. Vot govno!!!
3. He is a mistake of nature-he is not a man. He is a GOVNO. On-jertva aborta, jivoy vikidish, prosto GOVNO!

4. I saw an alien in the park: Wooohohow!!! What's a GOVNO! (shit) Ja brel po parku v noch gluhuju i uvidel prisheltsa: EPT', BLJA, NAHUY! CHE ETO ZA GOVNO TAKOE?
by smx September 11, 2006
In relationship/sexual terminology, this is the Stage in dating where the couple kisses, or makes out.
It is the First Stage, starting with the first kiss, and leads to repetition to say Goodbye or Goodnight.
It signify's the Beginning of being in love.

This can lead to French Kissing, or kissing of the Tongue.

This is the Beginning of Courtship, or a Physical-Loving Relationship that naturally resolves to advancing sexual stages until 'Home Plate'.
"Jimmy made it to First Base with Kelly today!"
"Congrats to him - Maybe he can find that Gum I left in her mouth last week..."
by SMX February 08, 2013
In relationship/sexual terminology, this is the Stage in dating where while making out or making love, the couple advances by heavy petting and touching, while potentially removing a few articles of clothing.
This can include touching of the woman's bare legs, breasts, and hips. This can lead to the touching of private-areas.

For some, this can lead to stimulating one-another's private regions by Touch.
In more hardcore culture, this can also include oral sex or fingering. See also Mutual Masturbation
"I want to go and play. But Mommy says, that Angela is busy on the other side of the Hill. And that I have to wait until they leave. My friend Sam says they are on Third Base."
by SMX February 08, 2013
In relationship/sexual terminology, this is the Stage in dating where while making out, the couple strokes and touches one-another, by either feeling or massaging the breasts or butt, or even doing Both in Unison.

This can also be the stage of making love while still having cloths on.
"Today at lunch, Dan was bragging about him and Carly made it to Second Base. I was all like, 'ya, right'. Then, I Swear I saw Carly later with a Hicky."
by SMX February 08, 2013