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someone who lives in sebastapool and is most likely a home schooled freak, or a stoner hippie.

(is homeschooled or goes to nunsuch)

AND they are likely to be a red neck with a mohawk.
Clayton only hangs out with his other homeschooled friends in sebastopol, they're all fricken sebbies.

Clayton hangs out in sebastopol so much he's practically a sebbie.

Clayton is such a fat sebbie, did you notice that he just REEKED of weed?

Clayton's mohawk is gay.
by Sarahiscoolerthanclayton May 25, 2007
A very cool cat.
Hi Sebbie.. did you have a nice nap?
by beer September 25, 2003
Son of Debbie ( who is hairy )
David O'Hagan is the son of Debbie
by dick fitswell August 25, 2003