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Someone who strives to be the absolute worst at life. A sad, pathetic individual who opens his mouth way too frequently. Generally posts like a retard in order to attract the most attention to his moronic self and declare the most "pwnage".

A lover of young boys, lying out of his ass and cock.
Stop loving boys like Searyx.

The only person worse at life than you is Searyx.

by Anonymous September 26, 2003
noun: someone who smokes cock on a daily and wacks off with Cheetos laden fingers.

Adj. a word to measure the total gayness of someone or something.
noun: Searyx loves children and his body is a naturally formed beanbag for the little kiddies to lay upon.

Adj: You have Searyxian cock smoking abilities, here's your dollar.
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
Pathetic; lifeless; egocentric; live in parent's basement; non-working; uneducated; shit-talker; nothing to stand on but the value of "drivel" one can spew.
1. Dude, why you gotta be such a Searyx?
2. Dude, stop Searyx'n on me.
by Searyx's mom August 27, 2003
Attention seeking retard
God, like if this board needed another searyx
by Joe August 22, 2003
An ass muncher who sucks at life and plays the game Everquest
Searyx: H4H4H4H4H4, I jUS S0l0Ed a GiMpZoR WeSt WaStE DrAgOnZ im UbAH 1337!!!!!!1111!!!!!
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
Cocksucker, Ball licker, Faggot
Goddamn Searyx loves the goat dick.
by C-Rix August 19, 2003
Faggot, dicksucker
Searyx loves fritos after sucking a dick.
by SearyxLicksBalls August 18, 2003

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