(n). Only the best ice cream shop in East Greenwich where all of the profits are donated to the food bank, making the business a non-profit company!
"Hey guys, I'm in the mood for something sweet. Where should we go?"
"Searles Olde Tyme Ice Cream on Main! Duhhhh!"
#ice cream #ice cream shop #ice #cream #shop
by Searles Brothers August 24, 2008
Top Definition
Searle sir-ell


1. A unit of language describe one's state of being as totally fuc**d.

1. An action in which one spirals out of control in a frenzy of sex, drugs and alcohol leaving only tattered remains of the person who once was.
Example 1
Person A: Hey, did you see that dude's apartment? I think there was a dog molesting a chicken-wing and sixteen year-old girl.

Person B: Yeah man, that place was Searled OUT!

Example 2
Person A: Yo I just copped two grams of molly, some shrooms, a 30-rack, and a pack of smokes.
Person B: No shit!? Let's go Searle it out.
#searle #binge #crack #molly #retardation
by kingShAm April 12, 2010
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