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The most bad ass guys to ever exist
Seal team 6 killed Osama bin Laden so they are the most bad ass guys to ever exist
by st6 owns May 10, 2011
The bad-ass super-elite warriors who took out Osama bin Laden!
The day a terrorist meets a member of SEAL team 6 is his last day. Hooyah!
by they_got_osama May 17, 2011
V. To accomplish a task with great efficiency, speed, and effectiveness. Comes from the assassination of Osama bin Laden in May 2011.
We got in, got out, and Seal Team 6'd that bitch!
by 00X June 16, 2011
This is where you bust into a girls bedroom in the middle of the night, toss in a flash bang, scream "Don't Move!", cum on her forehead and then roll her up in the bed sheet and push her off the bed.
Melissa: Mary, what was all that noise last night?
Mary: Oh, that was John, I think. He SEAL Team 6'd me last night.
by Argument Invalid May 01, 2013
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