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The Bad Ass Mother Fuckers who got osama bin laden. Fuck Ya! Go America!
Fuck you osama! Navy Seal Team 6 fucked you up!
by We Got Him! May 02, 2011
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Just another SEAL team... but they got popular because they shot and killed Osmam Bin Ladden. The thing is they were only in the compound for half an hour and they only killed five enemy soldiers. And now all of a sudden they are "the best" team because of one mission.
OBAMA: Navy SEAL Team 6, you're gonna go kill Osama Bin Ladden.
TEAM6: Cool, now everyone is gonna think we're the best...
TEAM2: Hey Obama, can you give it to us so we become popular instead of Team Six?
OBAMA: Nope, I like the number six better than the number two.
TEAM2: Typical Democrat answer...
by MW2 Freak November 19, 2011
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