adjective: a being who possess a need for constant sex, much like the animal.
Man Anthony is so horny. He's such a seahorse
by Maximo the great May 24, 2010
derogatory term for Swedish men because they are given maternity leave when their wife is going to have a baby, so they also stay home to take care of the newborn (like male seahorses that take care of baby seahorses).
That (man's name) is such a fucking seahorse, slacking off from work cause his wife popped out another kid...
by chandeliertree November 21, 2009
A lesser entity than a bitch or biat. A comparison to the only species in which the male carries the eggs during gestation.
Look at dat seahorse carryin dat hoes bags.
Kiss my ass you fuckin seahorse.
Punk ass seahorse takin shit from that bitch.
by Chris December 01, 2004
When a man's semen ends up on his stomach, either by his own handywork or with the help of another; inspired by the species' method of reproductive development wherein the male carries the embryos on his stomach region.
I didn't have any tissues near by so i just seahorsed myself and passed out.

She doesn't like to swallow, so she usually just gives me the ol' seahorse.

by scrote-dogg April 05, 2007
when you are drunk and fucking a girl, you pee inside her
Bob hooked up with Jane and gave her the seahorse.
by Blue April 06, 2005
the indication to end an unwanted conversation
say "Sea horse" to indicate you are done talking with that person. Equivilant to "this conversation is over"
by J.S.H.T. October 07, 2008
A sexual position, where the female gets penetrated while being on top of the male.

Otherwise known as 'woman on top'
"What is your favourite sexual position?"

"Oooh...definitely seahorse"
by orpyhjrg March 17, 2008
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