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When a man's semen ends up on his stomach, either by his own handywork or with the help of another; inspired by the species' method of reproductive development wherein the male carries the embryos on his stomach region.
I didn't have any tissues near by so i just seahorsed myself and passed out.

She doesn't like to swallow, so she usually just gives me the ol' seahorse.
by scrote-dogg June 02, 2007
1. a species of aquatic animal, especially one that is so beautiful and cute
2. an aquatic animal that looks good on blankets, towels, little bags, etc..
I love the seahorses, they're so beautiful and cute. I love 'em

Seahorses. Forever.
by T-roy Jaankins March 26, 2011
A guy who is totally smitten with a girl. If a guy really likes a girl, then he is said to want to have her babies like a seahorse. (Much like if a girl really likes a guy, it is said that she wants to have his babies.)
"Yeah, we've been seeing each other for several months; this guy is totally my seahorse"

"Do you want to have her babies like a seahorse?"
by Ellie A. Nor May 05, 2006
When you tickle a person behind the knee with your foot: Used to induce an orgasim. Not a 100% guaranteed.
"Hey, today in business class. I gave my friend a seahorse."


"Yeah, but he didn't come"

by SSeahorse January 13, 2012
A quarter-note rest in music, because of its shape.
This music is boring! There's nothing but seahorses for twenty bars!
by pentozali March 19, 2008
GO into a fairly nice sized pool. Assume the piledriver position.Then just kinda move your way across the water while still in the position.
Johnny gave that chick a seahorse
by Corey Wagg October 17, 2006
adjective: a being who possess a need for constant sex, much like the animal.
Man Anthony is so horny. He's such a seahorse
by Maximo the great May 24, 2010