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The world's finest crisp, made in a factory in inner-city Bradford. Available in a variety of weird and wonderful flavours, until 2005 this was one of the few remaining British crisps to remain in plastic, as opposed to foil, packets. Seabrook Crisps tend to be crinkle- as opposed to straight-cut, although a straight-cut version is available for nancies.

Prior to the (unpopular) packaging change, Seabrook was known for its eccentric use of quotation marks (e.g. "More" than a "Snack) and the packets had a window, through which customers could check that the crisps were unbroken - proudly proclaiming the ability to "See" what you "Buy".
Gizza packet of Seabrook's S&V.
by Richard the Monster May 24, 2006
students that have abnormal relations with the local college campus library. Seabrooks tend to be super friendly and love company, thus, they tend to desperately seek out new relationships often with the overuse of offering refreshments. Some possible suffixes used to describe these types of students would be -esque, -ing, and -ed.
Oh, that tall guy is super cute, but I heard that he seabrooked three girls with pre-Calculus homework.

I went to his house to watch a movie and he was such a seabrookesque host.

Don't study too hard! Else you will start seabrooking
by LadySwitch February 16, 2011
To eats ones hands off whilst paddling a swan in a undersized pool whistling the theme to 'The One Show'.
Mate! Where have you been?' 'Sorry man, I was out all night having a Seabrook' 'Wizards'
by whydocatstastebetter May 26, 2010
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