i once had a friend named sea bass, he was pretty annoying....so one day i decided to kick his ass
by yo yo yo March 08, 2003
people who have faces that are in a permanent frown are often called sea bass becuase their face resembles a sea bass
kick his ass sea bass!
by Hapa D April 06, 2004
In very basic terms it is faeces
Man i left bare sea bass in the pot, bitch!
by Jake 'Bare amounts' Davis March 19, 2004
a sea bass seems to noe every thing about every1 els but not bout common tings
sea bass - hey W.DM u cant play AOE3 on ur comp u idiot
W.DM - get fucked stop actin sea bass
Horribly Ugly; Disgusting
That pink and purple shirt is sea bass.
by Elias Paulson July 19, 2005
Term refering to a redneck or southern dude. Usally wears a trucker hat and a vest jacket.
"Hey Seabass....See ya got the new antlers on the truck....
by Tom Fla. December 07, 2006
An old favorite nickname used to insult a friend within a certain group. At times it may totally replace a guy's name based on how gay he has been acting lately. Also used when formally introducing a friend to another by replacing their name with their new given name of seabass.
Ex: (1st guy) Hey, I'm going to give Stan a call.
(2nd guy) You mean Seabass?
(1st guy) You're damn right I mean Seabass.
by kurt April 25, 2005

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