someone who is always out of the loop, and never knows what's really going on.
W: look at that sea bass over there, wat an idiot!
Sea bass: hey, did u say something?
W; nah, nothing
sea bass: oh, ok
by Rahul moley September 13, 2006
When you rub your nuts and wipe someones face with that hand used to rub your nuts
Ewww, you just gave me a sea bass!
by Seabassman October 01, 2010
A person who lives in a fish bag and drives to maine to pick up some boobies. They speak with thick russian/slavic/poopsack accents depending upon their current state of seabass-ness. Two currently reside in the Deeg and one lives in a cave in newengland.
EX.) Dear Sexy Seabass,
Rub some hummus on me
Love Sexy Seabass
by seabassluva November 18, 2010
Filling someone's bath tub with a few inches of water and taking a dump. Alternative to an upper decker Usually reserved for someone who has pissed you off.
I was at an awful party and had a disagreement with the host. Realizing I might have been out of line I thought I would leave him a gift, so I left him a sea bass.
by nasty February 23, 2005
a sea bass is a term used for a hot girl... most commonly the chilean seasbass, a very nice tasty expensive fish
That girl is hot, definitely a sea bass.
by Tim Teebow October 01, 2006
A very common fish in the Nintendo Gamecube game Animal Crossing. Can also be used to describe something that is glaringly common.
by Kyle3 October 04, 2003
Fat white person sitting on the beach
"Ewww, look at that Sea Bass rubbing oil on herself"

"Isn't that your mom?"
by Aquap August 11, 2005

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