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An offensive term for a person that is stuck-up, very mean, Stupid and only caring for themselves. A sleazey, unethical person
Mr. Bullybush wont give that hott chick any money for her bus ride. What a freaking Scuzzbag.
by Paul DeA July 09, 2006
Someone who does their sport for the money not for the love of the game
"Damn Alex Rodriguez is a scuzzbag"
by Ilovecars July 30, 2015
A Scuzzbag is a mean queer that dosent give a damn about anyone.

anything that could use scumbag, could replace with scuzzbag.

this Nignog stuck a friggin paintball gun barrel up my freinds Anus. what a damn Scuzzbag.
by Cigerollos d October 12, 2006

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