There are two, the real one and the slang one.
Real one: A disease pirate gets from a lack of vitamin C.
Slang: To shit on someones back.
He wanted to scurvy, thats nasty.
by Wunderlich August 15, 2007
like the mange only in humans
my roommate has the scurvy because he's a potato eater
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
annoying; aggrevating; bothersome; irritating; getting on the nerves of
ayo, stop being so scurvy!
by paperthin September 16, 2004
extremely fun; excellent; awesome (typically used to describe an event)
This weekend we went off-roading and chucked a computer monitor off of a cliff. It was so scurvy.
by Ele's Wing October 23, 2005
A high school social group. Comprises of people who are both Skatie and Surfie. So they wear an ECKO jumper as well as Mambo board shorts.
stoned surfer: hey dude u cant go to the beach with a gold chain.

Scurvy: Nah im representing

stoned surfer: Fucking Scurvy
by Mrs X September 02, 2005

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