the act of using hand or pointed objects to shove up some ones ass while yelling "scurvy!!!!!!!!!" slang for scurvy is also steve the pirate and "top of the morning"
bryan was bent over unexpected so i went up behind him with my pencil and gave him the scurvy of a life time
by steve the lonely pirate September 25, 2009
a disease you don't want but you don't have to worry about it if you eat oranges. God knows why.
I forgot to eat my oranges. Now I have scurvy.
by Anonymous October 23, 2002
Adj. Men or women who look greasy and have bad teeth in particular, and bad hygiene and dirty or ripped up clothes, in general. They sleep with everyone they can possibly get and probably carry STDs.
N. Scurve
Dude, don't get on her, she's scurvy.

Don't go after him, he's a scurve.
by Kelli January 05, 2005
A pirate Disease
I humped a pirate boat and now I have Scurvy
by Gothic Bob May 10, 2003
the act of consuming MADDD drugs
BRO, i got mad scurvy last night and woke up in my hotel with a dead bitch, and i had a lizard tail on.
by SkankinScurvy March 20, 2011
the disease your computer gets when you dont do your SQL tables right
arrrrrrrg my tables fucked.... SHIT I HAVE SCURVY lame.
by stew2 November 16, 2010
the gullier version of swagger. The art of being on another level than anyone in your vicinity.
I'm so scurvy, I'm the reason your girl didn't come home last night.

You might have swagger but my scurvy overrides your entire lifestyle.
by Shamster November 20, 2008

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