the act of consuming MADDD drugs
BRO, i got mad scurvy last night and woke up in my hotel with a dead bitch, and i had a lizard tail on.
#drugs #high #drunk #elevator #shit #masturbation #porn #sex #orgasm #sluts
by SkankinScurvy March 20, 2011
Top Definition
A dude with black gums whose teeth is falling out and has spots on his back. He might need Vitamin C, particularly from a lemon tree. Also written S ~ (S + curvy).
"We got Scurvy we just chillin' on the sea"
"That dude Alex has scurvy"
#scruvy #pirates #lemon tree #vitamin c #scurvee
by metalspod December 08, 2009
In taking marijuana to the pinnacle high. Originated from smoking marijuana out of a pirate pipe.
Person1: What you doing?
Person2: I'm about to get scurvy with my dawgs.
#high #blazed #stoned #turnt #faded
by HorsePower April 29, 2013
A condition that is caused by the lack of vitamin C. It's easily avoided by a normal consumption of citrus fruit such as oranges and limes. This term is usually associated with pirates.
Captian Jack Sparrow has an open sore on the right side his jaw because of scurvy.
#vitamin c #condition #consumption #disease #citrus #pirates
by LostSparrow June 07, 2007
adjective;pronounced scurv-ie, (like the disease) nasty, dirty, foul looking, or diseased. This work may be used to describe anything that is appalimg.
I know that scurvy bitch wasd not hittin on my man!
#nasty #dirtty #diseased #appaling #narly
by Kaleigh Kinsella January 19, 2006
See brit or english or britain or british
Aye mates we got scurvy from not eating citrus but look at us today whilst times have changed we still have cack teeth. Must be all that tea and cultural neglect of orthodontics. Right, I'm off. Tally-ho!
by Iconoclast of Britannia June 25, 2003
a dirty bitch
you'll be burnin if ya hit that, that bitch is scurvy
by meattwinkee December 16, 2002
Pirate Jizz
AHoy Smee, clean up my scurvy on the poop deck!!!
#scurvy #jizz #pirate #semen #pirate ejaculation
by BennyBoiP June 14, 2011
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