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Richee is scene, are you?
Bitch, you wanna be scene but you iz scun!
by mollytehmop December 17, 2004
Scun is the 60's LA Hell's Angels term for brown sticky highly potent bath tub methamphetamine. It is the only form of meth that is strictly injectable, because of its consistancy (A.K.A peanut butter dope). The term is associated with the slam a gram ninja clan (notorious for shooting up whole grams in one dose). Scun is also a sludge metal(bongzilla/eyehategod-esque) band from Arkansas.
That 50 shot of scun took my f#cking breath away.
by professor king July 10, 2008
The act of smearing ones fecal matter.
"I scunned the bathroom at work right after they fired me. There was shit on every wall!"
by Kevin12345 November 07, 2006
The one and only scunshine, the best girl in the world!
You are my scunshine.
by John January 08, 2004

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