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The male act of having picture taken with his Scrotum sac hanging out of his pants.

Also the act of shaming an intoxicated person using afforementioned method. Usually laying the scrotum on the forehead of that person.
"Anyone who can't handle thier liquor in this frat will be scrotographed and shamed."

"Bob is passed out again, and we are out of markers, shall we scrotograph him?"
by Grizzly October 07, 2004
The act of posing for what one assumes is a photograph whilst one is actually being filmed by digital camera/camera phone. Usually involves pulling "wacky" faces and pointing at random non-existing objects.
Sherlock Holmes - "Let me tell you Watson, there is rarely a moment where one feels more ashamed than when one has fallen victim to a scrotograph."
Watson - "Say cheese, Sherlock. Wanker"

(Extract from Around the World in 80 Days."
by Beastyboy March 25, 2008
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