A word that could literally be used for anything, not just sexual acts.
Person 1:Hey, let's play some Black Jack
Person 2:Fine, scrog me
Person 1: Twenty-one...how the hell...are you scrogin' me boy?!?!? *pulls out six shooter and kills person 2*

Person 1: I'm gonna go scrogging today
Person 2: Could you pick me up some Chex Mix

Person 1: We were playing baseball and I scrogged a home run
Person 2: Baseball scrogs...
by Justin Spiewak March 29, 2006
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An abbreviation for a cannabis growing technique known as Screen of Green. when ScroGing a plant is grow up from underneath a sheet of chickenwire or something similar and using LST (low-stress traing) to bend the growths back down under the wire producing an even canopy of buds.
"I got 2 ounces off my first ScroG!"
by Narcissus July 13, 2004
Dirty. rancid, foul sex that falls beneath the level of fucking. Debasing sex that uses the other party.
After he scrogged her he rolled over and asked, "Are you still here?"
by jessamyn October 07, 2003
To have down and dirty sexual intercourse.
Man, Craig and I are so gonna scrog when he gets home!

I haven't scrogged in three days, my nerves are shot!
by emilyjacinda September 11, 2006
Aggressive (often drunken) sex characterized by the sound of bodies slapping together, a general lack of traditional tender romance, and licentious screams of "oh baby" and "do you like that" and "fuck me harder, sergeant!"

Or what we did in Chris's bathroom and living room after he told us not to.
"Now don't you two do any scrogging in my house"
by deutschbag99 December 09, 2013
noun. a hybrid fecal matter/semen paste that is excreted from a man or woman's anus after a man has ejaculated inside of said persons anus.
1. Jim cleaned up the scrog that Cindy had inadvertently squirted onto his couch after they engaged in unprotected anal sex.

2. Why don't you go chug a mug of scrog?

3. Alex and Bob used a condom to avoid a situation that may lead to a scrog related mess.
by Johnny J. Jizzbutt September 02, 2009
v. intr - To fuck vigourously.

From the greek for 'placing ones stalk into 1" holes' it has been widespread and frequently used among web heads.
Jim will scrog his hand all night, and all day. Jen is getting scrogged on a beach.
by alaskan name blade number 2 January 23, 2004
A person who smells like a mixture of toe-cheese and dick-cheese, is somewhat of a frog, and enjoys scratching their ass then sniffing their fingers. A scrog typically doesn't wash more than once a month and eats more baked beans than is considered possible, hence their horrendous butt-gas.
Have you noticed how much of a scrog your mother's been lately?
by BitchyWitchy November 05, 2014

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