The act of owning in starcraft.
I totally scrizzled his ass on BGH.
by shadow_incarnation September 11, 2006
Top Definition
To fertilize or impregnate with extreme prejudice.
I do like to Scrizzle my neighbors on a hot and steamy morning.
by Akillieaze July 09, 2011
a. an illegal substance; usually alcohol for minors, but can also refer to cigarettes for minors or drugs for anyone.

b. a word used when receiving these illegal items or just and exclamatory phrase.
a. "Cody, come over to my place. I got scrizzles!"
"Hell yeah dude, I love scrizzles."

b. "Here's your handle, dude."
by imfuckingsuzie July 19, 2008
1.Anything, particulary a small amount of something.

2.Anything that a noun can be used for.
I had a little scrizzle in the bag of chips.

Look at that scrizzle over there.
by ferringo December 07, 2007
straight, not gay, not bisexual, not a lesbian.
Douglas can't be scrizzle if hes dating AJ.
by Paul is gay April 20, 2005
The proper manipulation of your salivary glands which allows one to spray a concentrated stream of saliva-type liquid from their oral cavity.

Can be used as an offensive, or defensive tactic to fend off unfamiliar individuals, or douchebags during a conversation
"sometimes i like to eat ice cream"- Person A

"way to scrizzle in my face you asshole!"- Person B
by kid4infinity April 02, 2011
The act of having someone gently scratch/rub your scalp. And it feels amazing as all get-out.
I will pronk for scrizzles
by DubbleRainbw January 04, 2011
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