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Any language, either written or spoken, which is unintelligible, or unknown to the user of the word.
ex1: "Dude, I took a trip to switzerland, and all the signs were in scribbly!"

ex2: "Damn kids, walking our streets, yellin' all kinds of scribbly at each other!"
by Pile It December 03, 2009
'Scribbly' is the main character in the comic 'Scribbly' which is placed in a free Dutch newspaper 'de Metro'.

The name originated from the English word 'Scribbley' which is:

1 : appearing to be written hastily or carelessly without regard to legibility or form
2 : a covering with careless or worthless writings or drawings
intransitive senses : markings drawn hastily and carelessly
Karmen is my girlfriend even though her drawings are sometimes scribbley.
by Scribbly January 14, 2004
Scribbly can mean anything you want it to mean!
Gettttin scribbly!
by ldizzzzzzzz January 15, 2011
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