An animated cat from The Simpsons that is often fooled into some devious murder scheme hatched by counterpart Itchy.
They Fight, and Bite
They Fight and Fight and Bite
Fight, Fight, Fight, Bite, Bite, Bite
The Itchy and Scratchy Show!
by Balfdor June 16, 2007
Top Definition
Australian Slang for an Instant Lotery Ticket.
Shane: Struth! Look at the Moolah i got from this Scratchy!
Hayden: Bloody Oath! Wana go grab a bundy?
Shane: Rack Off, Ill Bash you.
by Aussie Bogan July 14, 2006
Light scratches given in an affectionate manner.
Mark likes when his girlfriend gives him scratchies on his back before bed.
by FadeIntoYou January 17, 2013
A term to describe someone who doesn't look well kept. Can also be used like 'ratchet'.
Man, her hair be scratchy!
Did you see John today? He be lookin' scratchy!
by Youbescratchy August 23, 2013
Someone who is broke and needs money. ( kind of referring to when an addict needs a fix and scratches)
Keisha: Hey girl you wana go get lunch together
Sal: sorry girl I'm scratchy today.
Keisha: it's ok girl I'm got ya today.
Sal: thanks girl!
by Bermudagold March 30, 2015
the kid in school who is not expected to be anything in life. The fall back person when you or a friend is in trouble.
The loser kid nobody wants to talk to would be referred to as scratchy.
by Dustin Vincent April 28, 2005
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