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Used when describing yourself or someone else if you think they look crappy.
A: Oh LAWD, I look SO Scratchy!
B: You look fine...
by OHLAWD! April 05, 2010
3 6
A substance in which side effect to include, Scratching.
i took 3 scratchies (vicodin,tramadol)
by motosikey June 25, 2009
1 4
the kid in school who is not expected to be anything in life. The fall back person when you or a friend is in trouble.
The loser kid nobody wants to talk to would be referred to as scratchy.
by Dustin Vincent April 28, 2005
13 16
Medical grade Marijuana. Named for it's jagged serrated edges on the leaf edge. As though it might scratch you to touch it.
He hung that Scratchy in his bedroom to dry out and was coughing all night.
by smoky eyeball June 01, 2011
0 4
the fold of skin above or below the butthole from anal sex. this area becomes "scratchy" like a hemroid.
after anal sex.my butthole is scratchy.
by paulhouston February 04, 2009
2 8
A Fat ass who will get his ass beat if he puts anything else about me on this website
I will beat his ass if he says anything about or realting to me on this website again
by Dustin Vincent May 02, 2005
9 17