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Phrase usually used by Aussies meaning "fuck off"
Ah, rack off mate! I didn\'t touch your kangaroo!
by Al West April 26, 2005
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A "rack" was a slang term for a motor-bike for older Australians. So, to go get "on-yer-bike" and go away upon a command you would be "racking off". To rack off is less rude, but alliterative, for another popular expression.
Hello mate, may i come to your party and dance the "Maroubra Stomp?"
No, mate, you may not. Rack Off.
by James Borlase October 16, 2005
149 75
female version of jacking off, where you rub your tits
dam denise likes to rackoff!!!
by sexigurl April 23, 2004
14 16
The act of a female who enjoys the act of rubbing love juice on her breasts in order to emphasize to her partner how much he just rocked her socks.
When I pulled out of Brittany and shot my load all over her, she began to moan and rackoff as she spread my jizz all over her body....I watched in amazement because I thought that only happened in pornos!
by JonTom September 18, 2006
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Rack Off

This is a phrase used in the absence of the phrases such as fuck off or piss off. It can be said to people of older generations and they cannot tell you off as they dont know what it means.

It is also used when a person cant be arsed to have an argument but knows hes right;
Person 1 - your such a gay bastard, why did u put ur head in my crotch.

Person 2 - How did i, gay bastard.

Person 3 - Yea u did i saw u.

Person 2 - Rack off!
by Stevey - p July 15, 2004
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