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Scratchy Fanny

Commonly used by people that have an itch in their vaginal area..

A lovely word.. if you will.
Shit.. I have a MASSIVE scranny right now!
by ScreamerScranny February 23, 2011
to describe food that looks really tasty.
That cheese toastie looks propper scranny, mate!
by miss.louise August 16, 2006
A Scranny is a mutation of the vagina, a DNA fault that has allowed the human to develop both a vagina and a scrotum.
'Man you gotta ball sack on your fanny, what's that a Scranny?'
by Lewsh July 10, 2008
wen someone is so skinny u can c their bones and they have no meat.
hey look shaun is here. he is scrannied to the max
by Meech April 10, 2005