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Central Illinois wording for a cheese sandwich which is grilled. To make said sandwich butter 1 side of 2 peices of toast put cheese in between non-buttered sides and grill.
"That Cheese Toastie was ooey-gooey goodness."
by Kitty Catscratch January 03, 2009
When a male is in the act of making love too a large obese women, at the moment of climax, ejactulate into a fold of stomach fat/roll. Then close the flab immediately.

In the morning wake up and open the fold to find what looks like a cheese toastie.
Lastnight dude. i banged a whale and gave her a cheese toastie
by Duncanthebigman April 28, 2008
the image a doctor has to endure when an oap goes for a smear test
" now mrs montgomery this wont take long, jesus christ its like a cheese toastie opening this"
by crazy_meesh January 19, 2007
a vagina that is infected, and sticks together like a cheese toastie.
"what was that girl last night like?"

"fuckin' awful. bit of a cheese toastie."
by jaggysnake October 29, 2006