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A whore-ish person that's not good looking and is sometimes two faced or just a Total bitch. You would use it to describe and insult another person.
Dang, you know that girl lala is a scragg.
She took my $52 Love, Peace, Skeet, & Cheese sweater.
by Razzle.berry.t July 06, 2010
13 8
One who is scruffy & unkempt to an extreme level of dishevelment. May also infer a certain lack of personal hygiene.

Alternatively; could be an embarrassing childhood nickname that surfaces at work, much to the amusement of ones work colleagues.
"oi scraggs, go have a shower, you ming"

"ha ha ha ha Nickys nickname is scraggs!"
by scragg lover February 22, 2005
2 1
loser ex footballers girlfriend, tends to drink to much and act like cock head... probably named steve v
cannot describe
by Anonymous July 04, 2003
6 9
Short Haired, Confident, Cocky, acorn
That Jordan Scragg is being cocky
by Cory scragg April 27, 2008
1 7