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A whore-ish person that's not good looking and is sometimes two faced or just a Total bitch. You would use it to describe and insult another person.
Dang, you know that girl lala is a scragg.
She took my $52 Love, Peace, Skeet, & Cheese sweater.
by Razzle.berry.t July 06, 2010
One who is scruffy & unkempt to an extreme level of dishevelment. May also infer a certain lack of personal hygiene.

Alternatively; could be an embarrassing childhood nickname that surfaces at work, much to the amusement of ones work colleagues.
"oi scraggs, go have a shower, you ming"

"ha ha ha ha Nickys nickname is scraggs!"
by scragg lover February 22, 2005
loser ex footballers girlfriend, tends to drink to much and act like cock head... probably named steve v
cannot describe
by Anonymous July 04, 2003
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