Dear Scott,

To start things off, I have NO clue what I did to make you pissed off at me. Do I really cause drama??? I don't think so!!! |-(. Wanna know what I DO think? I think you're a duche bag with a CAPITAL D. You're a 2 face jerk that doesn't know how to act with ANYBODY. Mostly girls. What's with you leading me on then telling me I can't talk to you anymore?! HMMM??!!(think)!?! WTF?!(what the fairy)

Yea, I'm kind of glad you told me not to talk to you because THEN I'd just be getting more SUCKED into your little games.

Wanna know what else? I always thought you were NEVER as attractive as that other boy (I ALWAYS liked him better than you. Low life). Yeah, sure I liked the sweet nothings you texted me late at night, but your butt face will NEVER be as hot as the other boys. OR AS NICE AS HIM.

Be jealous

PS. I would cuss you out if I wanted. But then you'd proabbly send out some CRAZED rumor and make eveybody turn on me. I do not hate you, I am just very hurt by your actions. As friends, I don't understand WHY you told me, "I think we should take a break from talking to eachother...forever." That hurt. I thought we were friends. I guess not. See you around.

~Gloria Banker
butt face, meanie butt, ugly, douche bag, scott, fake.
by Gloria Banker November 05, 2010
a male friend who is extremely intelligent, funny, kind, and always there for you. They usually plan to do something to better the world like going in to the Marines or Army. Liked by a lot of people and usually very attractive
Look at him! He's definitely a Scott!
by Kylie D. June 17, 2008
Possibly, and most likely the most amazing guy you will ever meet. He is passionate, caring, funny, thoughtful, extremely handsome, and overly energetic! Most Scotts are always horny, but do not think with their overly huge wangs. If you find a Scott, Keep him, forever, and ever.
person1: I'm totally dating a Scott!

Person 2: OMG!? Really, you are by far one of the luckiest people on earth! Im so jealous of you!
by LittleTink November 05, 2009
Scott is wonderful and caring, he's the best thing in my life, not only does he make the best boyfriend he makes an even better best friend...and he's all mine...Scott also likes to think hes a Playa..but he's too caring to be a Playa...
Laura "Scott's a blantent Playa"
by BettyBoo June 12, 2005
pronounced: (SK-OT)
Incredibly good looking with a great six pack.
Usually found surrounded by a group of girls but can sometimes be found laying back and reading a book. Always there when you need someone to talk and can easily make you laugh. Friends always come first for scott.

Girl one: Gee last night guess who i hung around?
Girl two: o duh girl i already know everyone was hanging around a scott, he's such a swell listener.
by dfkdfkajfka March 28, 2009
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