A 4 door car built by Ford Europe.
Panned by critics as being to radical and American looking, now every car follows its groundbreaking design.

Available in 4 door and estate, with a 2.0, 2.3, 2.9 and 2.9 24V engines and a host of standard features

Be sure to look aw www.fordscorpio.co.uk to see outstanding examples of this truly wonderful vehicle
The Scorpio was introduced by Ford on 1st October 1994 and it's perhaps an understatement that it didn't go down too well. The Press had a field day with it's unusual front end styling and in the Saloon version at least it's bustle rear end.
by Nic Watson April 25, 2005
A sign of the Zodiac purported to produce the least desirable romantic partners, as exemplified in Robyn Hitchcock's song 'The Devil's Coachman.' From verse 2:

"If he treats you horribly, he's probably a Scorpio"

The term can be applied to men, women, or other.
"Why did you break up with Jill? She's a knock-out?"

"Yeah and she's a Scorpio."
by TheGameKat November 12, 2008
scorpios are sensual, sexy and mesmerizing. they're loyal and sweet to the very end. they're highly intelligent have a quick wit. all the scorpios I know are adventurous, curious and very loving.
damn that wendy girl is hot! she must be a scorpio!
by janine April 24, 2004

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