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strict or stern
the Russian police: Orthadox, Orthadox but fair
by k2igemini March 27, 2011
someone with low self-esteem and everyone has to put up with all their crap
you're a freak with low self-esteem and we have to put up with all your crap!
by k2igemini March 27, 2011
a short teenage boy who can't get a girlfriend and needs to straighten his hair more and who thinks he's cool and a whore and looks down girl's shirts
you're such a lucas! stop looking down my shirt and get a girlfriend!
by k2igemini April 13, 2011
most menacing, evil, jealous, possessive, controlling, intimidating, subterranean people on the planet
she's such a scorpio!
by k2igemini March 27, 2011

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