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One who scorches. He's always one-step ahead of you, no matter what you do. He leaves you in the dust absolutely burned blind, every time. You've got nothing on him at all. He represents the quintessence of Man. A real Man. And not just man of gender. Man like how they say when you mean humanity. He is the ultimate human, an aesthetic elegant mind. He can destroy your weak conscience simply by casting the slightest earnest glance. You definitely owe him a debt of gratitude
the embodiment of George Bush. A flaming candle in the dark.

Scorcher can only be used in a sentence really if it is describing Scorcher, the ultimate human being or person.
The better or best person there is.

Thank God for Scorcher..
by -splitdissonance-- July 23, 2010
1. Someone or something that scorches.
2. An extremely hot day.
3. Someone or something that causes a sensation or excitement.
4. A very hard hit ball.
Example: Tomorrow should be a scorcher.
Example: In the film 'Scorchers' and in slang, I liken it to a woman whose natural sexuality and confidence will turn others on without any clear logic. Possibly slang from Louisiana and the bayou?
by cat's paw July 20, 2006
1. Really Really Really hot outside. A hot day.
( or scorching )
1. Man! It's friggin' SCORCHING outside.
2. Tommorrow's gonna be a scorcher.
by P-SO March 08, 2007
a really hot, loud, wet and stinky break of wind from a human's rectum
Phew, what a scorcher, I can't breathe.
by Silverback May 01, 2008
when ya mum is soo fat she can't fit through a door.
Ohh, Mate, Ya Mum is such a "Scorcher".
by Chris001 June 20, 2006
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