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n. Breasts, mammories, tittys
'Christ, look at the junnocks on that.'
by Silverback May 01, 2008
A mock black English phrase, normally used by wiggers, meaning 'Don't fuck with me' or 'don't wind me up'.
'Yo vexin' me? Ting me na, or I box yo ears mo'fucker'
by Silverback April 27, 2008
Wicked and bad, in a good way.
For example, 'that tune is wickedbad' shouted Dave the Rave as the DJ dropped a phat riddim
by Silverback April 17, 2008
a really hot, loud, wet and stinky break of wind from a human's rectum
Phew, what a scorcher, I can't breathe.
by Silverback May 01, 2008
The little bits of fat left in the bottom of the fried fish display counter. Chip shop bosses will often sell you the 'scraps' on a roll or a bap for a very cheap price. Common in north east England, particularly Darlington.
ee you want scraps with yer bap love?

No ta I'm on a diet.
by Silverback April 24, 2008

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