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A person with no pubic hair.
Look at him, he's got no pubes he's a Scone! then chant 'Sconer, Sconer!
by Wazzle December 09, 2009
A an eater of scones; a British person, especially a detestable one.
Shut up you toffee-nosed sconer!
by Shplibitz October 02, 2014
A male sexual response to the deliciousness of scones.
Damn! Those scones are delicious! I think I have a sconer.
by Bchickenlittle February 12, 2010
When a woman that has very sturdy hands Phthalates a man to wake him in the morning.
Betsy gave Andy a 5AM sconer this morning before she fed the chickens.
by CloudyDay February 12, 2010
a male citizen of the united states, white,who has the occupation of putting their hand down on a seat when a woman is about to sit down
honey watch out! theres a sconer about!
by Dancer of the seas February 16, 2009
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