To make contact with someone in a sexual manner, but with more public appeal. Scone prounounced as in Cone.
"We are going to scone later" Suggesting the idea of sexual contact through the word scone.
by mtwini09 October 28, 2010
When a group of young wans go to Edinburgh for a weekend lookin for some serious scottish bone- scone.
Jayzus Susan...Hes a quare fine scone. I'd put some cream on that!
by Fone, the female Bone. February 06, 2010
combo of school and own
"Hah, said John, "You got sconed!"
by JaRGoNMAsTeR January 12, 2009
to ash out violently or kill, with the intent to damage. often used in smoking cigars, whereby putting them out on "the scone"
Dan: I brought that cigar back from the grave
Steve: yeah, not many cigars get to be sconed twice
by Bobbrik August 02, 2008
A group on Skype that includes people who are made of awesome. They discuss Harry Potter and videos on YouTube. They all love each other and want to be each other when they grow up. And... they're all famous.
While all of the other teenagers in town partied, I logged into skype and went on Scones.
by J.K. Rowling May 03, 2008
A shite male hairstyle favoured originally by English and European footballers in the 1970's and 80's (origin unknown), though the most classic examples can be found in the mid to late 1980's. Essentially the sytle comprises of a type of back permed (usually shortish) mullet. Only the back of the hair is permed and it is these curly parts that are referred to as 'The Scones'. The style maybe referred to solely as a back perm and the length of the scones themselves can vary.

Variations involved a top perm with a closer cropped back and sides, but to refer to these as 'Scones' would be technically incorrect. The word is a derivative of the Australian slang for head scone

Classic examples would cite Kevin Keegan and Chris Waddle but other European examples are available.
"Hey mate is that a home perm? those scones are great!"
by Dr A Bradshaw April 20, 2007
1. A small cake originating in Scotland
2. Derived from the Scottish Gaelic word "Sgonn" meaning a "block" or more precisely "Sgonn arain" meaning a block of bread. Due to this, the correct pronunciation is "Skon". The earliest record of a scone dates back to the early 16th century in Scotland.
3. Commonly served with clotted cream, strawberry jam and a cup of tea. More commonly known as a "cream tea".
4. There are derivatives of the word "scone" in Scots language where the word is also pronounced "skon".
5. Can also be known as a biscuit in American English.
Scones are delicious.
by Siamese November 17, 2006

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