1. a scone is a triangular shaped biscuit usually baked on a pan or cooked on a griddle deriving from the Dutch word 'schoon' meaning light bread from the 17th century or the 1600's

2. source of infinite power normally disguised as a triangular shaped pastry.
1. Scones are yummy!

2. Hail to the scones.
by Sconeboy December 20, 2003
To make contact with someone in a sexual manner, but with more public appeal. Scone prounounced as in Cone.
"We are going to scone later" Suggesting the idea of sexual contact through the word scone.
by mtwini09 October 28, 2010
When a group of young wans go to Edinburgh for a weekend lookin for some serious scottish bone- scone.
Jayzus Susan...Hes a quare fine scone. I'd put some cream on that!
by Fone, the female Bone. February 06, 2010
combo of school and own
"Hah, said John, "You got sconed!"
by JaRGoNMAsTeR January 12, 2009
to ash out violently or kill, with the intent to damage. often used in smoking cigars, whereby putting them out on "the scone"
Dan: I brought that cigar back from the grave
Steve: yeah, not many cigars get to be sconed twice
by Bobbrik August 02, 2008
A group on Skype that includes people who are made of awesome. They discuss Harry Potter and videos on YouTube. They all love each other and want to be each other when they grow up. And... they're all famous.
While all of the other teenagers in town partied, I logged into skype and went on Scones.
by J.K. Rowling May 03, 2008
A beautiful, intelligent, elegant and dazzling woman
"See that hot chick over there?"
"Yeah, but she's a scone. Way out of your league!"
by Paul_ero October 09, 2006

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