A beautiful, intelligent, elegant and dazzling woman
"See that hot chick over there?"
"Yeah, but she's a scone. Way out of your league!"
by Paul_ero October 09, 2006
a penis that has been constructed for a female to male sex change.
The doctor said that my scone will never grow erect, but will resemble a penis.
by olejatt June 22, 2010
a Canadian slang term for drinking beer fast. Related to shot gunning a beer.
"lets go scone some kokanee's before the hockey game starts"

"hold up girl, I gotta scone this beer before we go"

"the first girl to scone a beer and place the empty can on her head upside down, wins for her table to eat first"
by tizzco April 15, 2010
a rude barbie-style girl, only interested in make-up, boys, hair products etc. Other features: lack of intelligence, balanced by high confidence. scones can usually be seen in groups.
person 1: i didn't realize she's a scone until i saw her crying over her broken nail.
person 2: rly? but we saw her taking chicken buttface photos of herself with her teddy bear a week ago.
by ralyyy March 31, 2010
Taking the bottom corner, of a sandwich bag or zip lock bag, and putting powder or crystal like substances in it and then tearing it off and sealing it with a lighter. It will resemble a cone. Its a cross between a cone and usually meth, For its other slang for shit.
Here, take this scone and enjoy.
by calibi May 23, 2009
An older woman who you would like to fuck, aka MILF. The hot mother of a biscuit.
I'd like to eat that scone's biscuit!
If that scone was a biscuit, I'd spread my butter all over her backside.
by wehrlock December 23, 2004
SCONES ARE GOOD! SCONES ARE CRUNCHY! A funny little cake like thing that became one of my all time favorate words.
Want a scone?
by CJ Henry April 01, 2004

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