Of or relating to a HAM (see HAM radio operators)
Scone! I saw a hambone!
by The OKB September 27, 2003
Anything that is lo-class, or cheap. An item of little importance or relevance. Slang for any common pastry as used by those of little intelligence
I hate when our cheap company has quarterly receptions, all they serve are those damn scones. Take this scone and shove it fatty.
by JH March 12, 2003
erection (of penis)
I cant stand up I have a scone
by Dom October 09, 2003
verb: to smoke the marijuna, roll a fatty, sit with some crazy schmeels and toke
"me and my schmeelsons are gunna go scone this dank ass shit"
by shake yo schmeel May 29, 2006
An Australian slang term for "Lets Go". The two words are slurred together to sound the word "scone", however it still follows the word 'lets'.
"Dude, let's scone." ; "Lets Scone down the beach."
by gFresh October 25, 2004
an insult to a person who is an degenerate, bitch, pussy, no friends, gay, unliked, unwanted, lame, idiot, nonsensical

basically a general insult to anyone
"Dude quit being such a scone"

"You're really sconin' up"

"Ooooh! It's the scone collector"

"Welcome to the scone zone"

"Sconeyyyyyy!" - Alternative nickname for one who is a constant scone
by brian 110% anti scone peterson August 24, 2007
the greatest and bestest man in the world
john (SCONE) scott frae hawick
by SCPNE February 09, 2008

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