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A kick ass car from Scion/Toyota that looks like a box. Also called Toyota bB.
That Scion xB has XM radio in it! Damn!
by ididntknowthat October 29, 2007
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a box car. known as the the almighty toaster. its a great car with tons of space
dont hate the scion xb, its almighty, and its a toaster, whats not to like
by almightytoaster December 18, 2011
Be the Original. Not a Copy.

The Scion xB is a fly ride whose body style was freshened and reintroduced in 2008. Original body style was released in 2004.

The xB is also rated 5 stars for crash testing making it one of the safest vehicles on the market.

Is apart of the Toyota family.

At first glance, many would believe that the xB's interior would be small, but once inside this ride is very spacious.

This unique whip can be easy customized to have various alterations such a grille, navigation/stereo system, LED lights, under dash illumination, 16" Alloy Wheels & more.

Don't be a hater of the original box.
Pimpin' aint easy in my Scion xB.

For those that don't have a Scion xB: don't be a hater because you can't roll in this refrigerator.

Damn that 2009 Scion xB is fresh to death.

"Player this ain't no van, it's my Scion xB."

"Hey what was that sweet ass ride that just passed us?" "Well that was a Scion xB of course."
by combzie July 16, 2009
probably the ugliest car ever manufactured. It has absolutely no power, despite what the douchebags who drive them tell you. It is a car for faggots who have seen the fast and furious one too many times. I laugh my ass off every time I see one "tricked out" on the road. I laugh even harder when I look at the driver.

Oh, almost forgot to mention it's made by Toyota, therefore making it a riceburning piece of shit.
"Dude look at that car it's like a box on wheels"

"Haha yea, that scion xb is so ugly it makes me wanna shit myself"
by 29djsie February 16, 2009
the ugliest car ever built; a piece of shit
That scion xB looks like you tacked some wheels to a cardboard box!
by joshomatic January 08, 2008

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