Means "black" in german. used by american jews as a derrogatory word for black people. Pronounced "Shvaahts". ... kinda...
"Why would she marry him!? I mean he's a Schwartz!" - old jewish lady from the show "Soap".

"look it's Arnold Schwartz-nigger!" - said the jew when seeing a huge strong black dude.
by ninja mcninjason June 10, 2007
a noun describing a person with an unhealthy obsession/ fetish with stuffed otters, coupled with crippling low confidence and neurotic Jewish behavior.
Roommate#1: "Why didn't he just talk to Mere Bear at the party?"
Roommate#2: "Who the hell knows. He's such a Schwartz sometimes..."
by Lisa McCurdy January 19, 2007
A penis-powered version of the famed nerd's-holy-grail, the light saber. Yes this penis-powered light saber was used in the film Space Balls. (title has nothing to do with penises, or so I think)
"Ah ha! I see your schwartz is as long as mine!"
by Merchant August 06, 2005
A Verb That is the act of getting so completely and utterly drunk as to make a scene that while ultimatly funny as hell your probably going to regret it later. It can Also be used in place of the word Fuck
Person 1 :Dude i got so Schwartz'd last night i dont remember what happened

Person 2: Wow you may have got Bro Raped

Person 1: Man shut the Schwartz up
by Drillbit90 February 10, 2011
The act of blowing a load in a woman's ear. More than less causing her to become deaf.
I heard Savanah and Holland are both deaf now from receiving terrible Schwartzes' from Josh.
by joebobbob3 November 26, 2015
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