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2 definitions by sha721

Known as IAD, Washington Dulles International Airport, or just simply Dulles, Dulles Airport is a very nice airport in Sterling and Chantilly, Virginia, and is the main airport in the DC-Baltimore region. We have the AeroTrain, flights to 5 continents, and some annoying TSA agents who think you might turn the plane around and send it into a building in DC. Other than that, it's a pretty cool airport, and brings in a lot of revenue to the area. United Airlines is hubbed here, and a lot of people flying United connect through Dulles.
Californian man: "I seriously have to connect through Dulles to get to Nigeria??"

Japanese man: "OHH berry nice airport! I rike!"

Man from DC talking to a Chicagoan: "So what if Chicago is bigger than DC? We have Dulles Airport!"
by sha721 December 18, 2010
17 10
An awesome Jewish deli in Montreal, specifying in smoked meat.
Dude, we gotta go to Schwartz's, and bring all our Jewish friends!
by sha721 December 06, 2010
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