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a word used to express one's fondness for a certain thing, situation or event.
Whoa man, that song is schwak
by Poochie Bear June 23, 2009
Physically very tired; exhausted to the point of immobility.
"Without making a single sale, I waited on tons of lookers today. I'm completely schwak."
by TwinCam Saab September 04, 2013
To have sex.
He and I schwaked last night. 
by MsJai December 12, 2008
A large quantity of an item, or objects.
I got a whole schwak of wax on my board, or *Q.How much Dr. Zogs Sex Wax do you need? A. A whole schwak*
by Big Daddy Siki March 27, 2005
a stupid aarti who tries to be cool.
Stop being such a schwak!
by Faraz Malik October 23, 2007

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