just like aloha, schoochy means Hi, Bye, and "whatever" usually the word is doubled
bye- " ok well im goin to go now. ttyl Schoochy schoochy "
hi- " Omg schoochy! i havent seen you in forever, whats goin on?"

whatever-" you know what... schoochy. im not dealin with this"
by Juanisha October 01, 2006
Top Definition
1)A schoochy is actually an amazing boyfriend who gets you coffee in the mornings and has a cute sense of humor! He also seems tough on the outside but on the inside hes a softy!
2) A lovable boyfriend
Girl #1: My boyfriend gave me a hug before class!
Girl #2: He is such a schoochy!
by ilovethewind October 17, 2010

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