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A thin cutlet of veal, usually seasoned, that is dipped in batter and fried.
"Dude! You ate my fucking schnitzel!"
by bill November 20, 2002
When one penis is inserted inside another penis through the japseye. it is often known for being used in Austria. It comes from an austrian legend where they had farms with a breed of animals that that mated by using this type of sex.
A gay man: "Wouldn't it be fun if we could do it properly??"
His partner: "You want to schnitzel?!?"
by kidUrban June 01, 2010
German meat cutlet
(Wiener Schnitzel, not to be confused with the chain wienerschnitzel, which amazing :D)

great for screaming as a curse word.
-Hey man, you've got ketchup on your shirt!
-Oh schnitzel!
by liana w. April 15, 2008
Pronounced (shneet-zil)
An alternative to s**t, that way you can use it anywhere and only the Germans and Austrians will be confused..
1.*police sirens


2. *at restaurant

Wrong order, "Schnitzel'

Waiter, "Sorry, we don't serve that here, however there's this nice German eatery down the road"

*Face palm
by TjEnkins4548 October 29, 2011
A line of cocaine, usually done on the tip of a key.
Let's go to the bathroom and do a huge schnitzel!
by jgw899 June 21, 2009
an austrian female.

term is better used by foreigners when talking about pretty and short skirted german or austrian girls.
usually used in combo with "bratwurst", term that defines german/austrian males...
- dude, look at that schniztel!
- omg she's gorgeous!

- no schnitzels in this disco... i can only see bratwursts! let's move elsewhere.
by berajustgothomefromwien November 21, 2010
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