A new guy at work or just an overall doofus, in general.
"Geez...I'll be here all day trying to train this schnitzel!"

"Hey Schnitzel..maybe you should try plugging it IN first??"

"Shhhh..here comes the schnitzel, now.......'Hey Man, how are ya making out? Getting the hang of things?? Great!'.............what a schnitzel!"
by Hyde44 November 28, 2006
The most fitting euphemism which is used interchangeably with "shit." A well trained user will be able to switch between "shit" and "schnitzel" depending on audience.
"Dude, I just took a steamy schnitzel on the hood of that guys car"
"Holy frickin' schnitzel! I just won the lottery!"
by Bizzy Body January 08, 2009
1. n Traditional Jewish poultry dish; chicken or turkey breast is pounded thin, breaded, and fried.
2. n, v When engaging in intercourse with a female on a beach or sandy area, the male withdraws his member, ejaculates on the female, and rolls her in the sand or dirt causing it to stick to her, much like a delicious breadcrumb coating might stick to raw chicken.
Yo I schnitzeled that ho, she was totally coated!
by vampirekilla April 22, 2008

To be of a schnitzel nature. Meaty, heartie and filling. To be tough and tastie.
The word is used in combination to give an extra description that is more defining of the object being described. A well cooked schnitzel is used to describe something especially good.


ie. She's schnitzel dipped in honey.
ie. That's schnitzel. He's schnitzel.
by Peter Suwara April 03, 2007
1. nasal sex.

2. to have sexual intercourse with 1 or both of someone's nostrils.

3. verb:to schnitzel; to fuck someone's nose.
"dude I totally schnitzeled my girl last night, the pleasure is intense!
by Ben the Bunny April 28, 2009
Ach du liebe! Vehais essen mine Weiner schnitzel du ashluck!
"Oh my God! You ate my Weiner schnitzel you asshole!"
Du huntsknoken, vehais essen mine schnitzel du alte coo!
"You dogdick, you ate my schnitzel you old cow"
by Mike the Grrman May 18, 2016
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