noun: a small piece of paper resulting from tearing (non-perferated) looseleaf out of a notebook
Mr. Foley requires that all homework assignments must be done on looseleaf free of SCHNIBBLES.
by Luke Hollwedel September 12, 2006
Top Definition
A mythical creature in Boozookian legend that is rumored to create peace and prosperity in times of dire need. A mutant messiah, if you will.

This is a major plot point of the 1994 French computer game 'The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth', which approximately 14 people have played and only 8 have finished.

Alternately, it can be used as an insult, which, in the *real world*, is pretty much the only usage of the word that won't make people question your sanity.....maybe.
One day, the Schnibble will arrive, and free us from oppression...

By the Schnibble's beard, you're really pissing me off!!!

You Schnibble-head!
by Skibs McCullock November 30, 2009
a term that comes out of the Upper Midwest of the US commonly used to refer to little bits of paper. Not actually based on anything German, but German-sounding due to the Lutheran culture of the area (hence the spelling.)

1)the rough edges of notebook paper after it's been ripped out of said notebook
2)the holes that get punched out of hole-punched paper
3)the remains of a piece of paper after it has been torn to little bits
4)little bits of garbage in general
Don't even think about leaving those schnibbles all over the floor, pick them up and throw them away!
by Sweet Georgia Peach May 28, 2004
The piece of paper left inside the rings of a spiral notebook when you pull a page out. Can also be used to describe a person that it very annoying and unnecessary.
Roommate: Guadalupe has been so annoying and clingy lately. She's such a schnibble.
by black widow1 September 08, 2015
Those little bits of paper, typically from ripping out paper from spiral notebooks or making snowflakes. If you use this word in the northwest, no one will know what you are talking about...
"pick up those little pieces of paper!" The Spanish teacher yelled. "You mean schnibbles?" asks the student. Everyone looks at her like shes crazy.
by sgttedmadore June 08, 2013
Little scraps of paper that are on the table and floor after cutting paper with scissors
When you are finished cutting the paper to make snowflakes, pick up your schnibbles
by Clearlake Liz March 12, 2005
The hairs that stick out of a ponytail or braid
As hard as her mother tried, Karrie's braid always had a few schnibbles.
by Michael (and Melissa) October 23, 2004
Freeze dried cum with liquid nitrogen
"Please bless this camp in which God has blessed us; pick up any Schnibbles you may see."
"Wanna buy some schnibbles? A what? Some Schnibbles? Does it freeze? Of course it freezes. It's schnibbles!"
by Awesome_Happener April 19, 2010
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