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It means "horses penis" in hebrew. my brothers best friend is jewish. he told us. used for an insult. duh.
"that guy just cut me off! what a schmuk!"
by i am awesome July 19, 2005
1. A person that is boring, lame or lazy. They're the kind of person you don't wanna do an all nighter with.
e.g: "I don't wanna do it."
"Ahhh don't be a schmuk."
by U-man May 04, 2005
Everything that goes into making Giants QB, Eli Manning.
Only a schmuk could possibly fumble the ball without contact, while diving head first.

Wow, Eli Manning is such a schmuk.

When you look up Schmuk on Urban Dictionary, Eli Manning is listed.
by P. Burress November 22, 2010
Narrow minded user of the Canadian Encyclopedia.
Only Schmuk uses Canadian Encylopedia as a final authority on any subject.
by Vfilipch October 17, 2006
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