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It means "horses penis" in hebrew. my brothers best friend is jewish. he told us. used for an insult. duh.
"that guy just cut me off! what a schmuk!"
by i am awesome July 19, 2005
Everything that goes into making Giants QB, Eli Manning.
Only a schmuk could possibly fumble the ball without contact, while diving head first.

Wow, Eli Manning is such a schmuk.

When you look up Schmuk on Urban Dictionary, Eli Manning is listed.
by P. Burress November 22, 2010
1. A person that is boring, lame or lazy. They're the kind of person you don't wanna do an all nighter with.
e.g: "I don't wanna do it."
"Ahhh don't be a schmuk."
by U-man May 04, 2005
Narrow minded user of the Canadian Encyclopedia.
Only Schmuk uses Canadian Encylopedia as a final authority on any subject.
by Vfilipch October 17, 2006